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Wondering who we are?

Damn that is a question to our existence.
Anyways, We are the Avengers assembled, We are the Justice League, We are the Queen(band)

To elucidate we're a group of remarkable people bought together to create stuff that they never could.

We make digital products and their designs and their backends and their foundation.

Basically, We are Genius.


〘 anonymous? 〙

Nah, We are cool but not that type of cool.
We have everyone from vegans to pineapple pizza lovers, Maybe a bit exaggerated but that's who we are.

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Hi, To give a brief intro - I started from designing websites to frontend to react developer to backend to having a life.

The guy with absolutely preposterous ideas who gets full by just eating appetizers. Love uncomfortable jokes as much as I love tea.

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Abhishek A.

Well.... let's make it quick ;)

An introvert guy exploring the freedom of creativity with an immense interest in film-making. BTW I'm a 3D artist and a creative designer :D

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If Netflix was giving awards to the binge watcher,I would have won it every year.

For the record I am a part time graphic designer and full time procrastinator. I have around 2 years of experience in graphics and motion graphics. Also I love travelling.

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loves walking, art and movies.

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Hi, I am an engineer by work, but I do have a wide field of interest(typical B.Tech guy, Right?).

Let's talk about Technology, Finance, Crypto, Politics, History, anything. A software Developer Today, maybe a blockchain developer tomorrow :")

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I convert UI designs to websites and apps using React and React Native for a living. Very efficient (not lazy 😌)

I have an engineering degree and about 1.5 years of experience developing frontends. I travel to places to see sunrises, sunsets, landscapes and stars.

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I might be working on some cool shit while you're reading this. lol!

Don't check out the last section of this page.


♬♪ Builds ♪♬

We have built a lot of exciting and badass things, something for everyone.

From this website to that project that forced us to bang our head on wall, we made all right from our <3

Gonna mention some to look cool

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You should not stop learning and to ensure that we share wisdom about exciting things every 24 hours.

Already a smart-ass?
then contribute to help others.

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Too much stuff to know, can't sort things, don't know from where to learn and from where to start.

Don't worry your superhero quadqode is here for your rescue.

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I can code but my output looks like shit, Ah don't be a cry-baby about it let us handle the designing part and you worry about functionality.

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We all know how COVID turned out to be a massacre to human society, To help a little and play our part we made this platform to share medical amenities.

what’s next?

😎 Chill 😎

We are always working (not always, we do chill most of the time) on something new. Something for us and something for you but we can't share, it's confidential :/

We all know how hard is to grow in this competitive world, So why not join hands together and look out for each other.

That will be our and your greatest step forward for a better future.